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"We had an unusual and difficult situation with a family member taking us to court. Todd was excellent in understanding the financial and emotional impact this would have on both parties. He was able to help us decide the right steps and procedures without extending the court and outside lawyers to a quick and amicable conclusion. Excellent decision to hire Todd as our attorney!"

- Dan from

"Todd did a fantastic job bringing a longstanding matter to closure and in short order. We greatly appreciated his service." - E.M.

"He is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is honest, trustworthy and universally well-respected." - J.B.

"Todd helped us resolve a difficult Boise real estate matter and constantly communicated with me. I recommend him highly?" - J.B.

"...Highly competent...well respected by attorneys, clients and judges." - G.R.


"Above and beyond what I could have asked for. I was brand new to Boise and running into a legal matter that dated back to 2018. I had to negotiate a contract and was getting the run around from the other party”s legal team. I was SUPER reluctant to consult an attorney because of the cost, fear of the case being dragged out for further compensation, and a lack of communication between myself and the potential attorney. I had called four big firms and numerous smaller local firms - I still wasn’t confident in any attorney on the matter. That’s when Todd came in to shake things up a bit. I called him and told him my problem. He talked to me like a normal human being, laid out a plan of action within a set time, quoted me a price that was incredibly fair, and got to work. Within three weeks the case was finished. Todd cut through all the crap the other legal team was throwing at me and made sure I was taken care of appropriately. His professionalism and above all humility made the whole thing almost enjoyable. I owe him a beer if I ever see him out. Thank you again, Todd."

- Chris from
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